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SkyTime Helicopter Air Tours
See What's Out There in Mammoth Lakes California! 

"The helicopter is probably the most versatile instrument ever invented by man. It approaches closer than any other to fulfillment of mankind's ancient dreams of the flying horse and the magic carpet"
Igor Sikorsky
January 13, 1942

Scenic Flights & Tours The "Only" Way To See Mammoth Lakes, California

Your tour guide at SkyTime grew up in this beautiful area, so he knows all the things to do and see in Mammoth Lakes. Now we're using this experience to bring you to all types of places and ensure you see the sights you never even knew existed.

A Scenic Flight

Enjoy breathtaking views of beautiful waterfalls, sparkling blue lakes, glacier carved valleys, and forests of verdant greens when you schedule your scenic flight. We offer tours to places you would never get to see, unless you are with us in our helicopter. We customarily stay away from roads and people to get you back to nature. You might even see bears, mountain lions, marmots, mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep, wild mustangs, coyotes, and over 300 species of birds! Flights start as low as $88 per person. Passenger and minimums do apply.


SkyTime has its First and Foremost responsibility to our passengers, our customers, and the public to do everything in our power to ensure each flight is completed safely. This is our responsibility and commitment as your operator and pilot that perspicuously we take very seriously.

Safety, First, and Foremost

SkyTime’s detailed safety briefing and instructions on how to use the helicopter's safety equipment is provided before each and every flight. SkyTime also establishes clear flight operating standards and weather minimums to provide safe and consistent day-to-day operations. These standards will never compromise safety and the pilot(s)' professional judgment is always respected. For your safety and enjoyment our helicopter tour occasionally are delayed, rescheduled and or canceled due to bad weather. SkyTime recommend that you book your helicopter tour early in your visit so that you have time to reschedule if necessary.

You have selected SkyTime on reputation, general safety, professionalism and certifications; you should feel confident that SkyTime has your safety as our utmost priority. SkyTime’s helicopter of choice, the R66, is FAA certified to the most current FAR amendments and the highest all time standards of the Federal Aviation Administration regulations. The high altitude performance of the R66 helicopter with a ROLLS-ROYCE RR300 TURBINE TURBOSHAFT ENGINE has met or exceeded all SkyTime’s expectations. Its open cabin configuration and design includes a quality-constructed cabin, comfortable seats with unbeatable clear, unobstructed passenger views making the R66 the ideal helicopter for SUPER-SAFE HELICOPTER-FUN tours, photography, private, business, and utility applications.


SkyTimes Pilots and or Mechanics inspect SkyTimes aircraft before each and every flight. Maintenance inspects SkyTimes aircraft every 25-100 hours of flight time and annually our A&P Mechanics fully check and maintain our helicopters to the highest possible standards.  Every 6, 12, or 24 months our pilots are FAA medically certified by an FAA Certified Aviation Medical Examiner. All SkyTimes pilots are commercial pilots that have passed FAA oral, written and  in flight tests administered by FAA-Designated Examiners. Expert principles of airmanship skill, proficiency, and discipline are applied and demonstrated in a safe and efficient manner. Maintenance is conducted to the highest standards of the manufacturer Robinson / Rolls Royce and the FAAs federal regulations. SkyTime's maintenance program also requires that technicians are Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) licensed mechanics with more than three years of helicopter experience. Additional technical training, including factory Robinson and Rolls Royce training courses that are mandatory for SkyTime's pilots and mechanics respectively.

SkyTime’s, Expert, passionate, professional tour pilots and crew, have the Highest regard for the public and your personal safety. We are ready to take you and your group on a fun-filled, awe inspiring, unforgettable experience & unsurpassable adventure. Dreams Start Here. Why Not Fly SkyTime!

The "ONLY" Way to See The Eastern Sierra



Plan a vacation that you and your family will LOVE when you contact SkyTime our Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Lakes, California, company for scenic flights and historic helicopter tours.